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Best Emergency Services Collaboration

Throughout the last 18 months, emergency services have been stretched to a capacity not seen before the NHS was born over 73 years ago.

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To cope with the ongoing pandemic, services came together to support one another, and release the burden for hospital staff, intensive care units and ambulance crews. Collaborative programmes were launched to upskills and train public sector staff and volunteers at pace, working across the breadth and depth of the emergency services.

This award recognises the long-term positive impact that collaborative working has had on all healthcare services and will be awarded to either an employer(s), team or group of individuals who demonstrated significant improvement to the quality of services throughout the year, through collaboration between agencies, employers, or charities. Anyone can make a nomination, including members of the public.

  • Team-work and supportive working environment for staff, working out of their comfort zone to support urgent and emergency care


  • Examples of lessons learned for emergency services and NHS leaders about the impact of collaboration across agencies and system-wide healthcare provision

  • Demonstrable impact on improved services that supported better patient outcomes, through collaboration with other agencies

  • Collaboration and delivery of services successfully implemented through well-managed training and onboarding of support staff

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