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Dedication to a Lifelong Learning Culture

This award, proudly sponsored by SFJ Awards, recognises new approaches to improve Learning & Development in healthcare, across teams, departments, or entire organisationsand champions commitments to lifelong professional learning.

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Who is eligible?

This award will be given to an individual, team or organisation which has demonstrated clear, significant, and successful learning and development initiatives that supports a wide range of roles within the workforce and is committed to continued quality learning for staff.

Innovative solutions that also align with an organisation’s approach to learning culture will also be highly regarded for this award. Anyone can make a nomination, including members of the public.

  • Patient/service focused demonstrating clear improvements to patient outcomes


  • Improvements for staff where learning and development approaches have improved ways of working

  • Outcomes that demonstrate an employee-led commitment to a culture of lifelong learning

  • Innovative approach demonstrating work that has been developed to raise the bar and think outside the box

  • Demonstrating how learning has helped overcome barriers and traditional ways of working

  • Ensuring learning is available for all, demonstrating accessibility & inclusivity to promote professional development

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As part of the nomination, we ask for some simple information about you, such as your name, job title and contact details. This is so we can let you know if your nominee is successful in winning an award.

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