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Most Promising OD & People Programme

This award will be presented to an organisation that has shown a commitment to deliver on the ambitions of the NHS People Plan and demonstrate a clear people & OD strategy to enhance workforce outcomes.

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Who is eligible?

A focus on People and Organisational Development is crucial for all employers and is a key ambition in the NHS People Plan 2020/21. This award raises awareness of the outstanding initiatives organisations have begun to develop to ensure their people are well cared for, and workforce development supports all types of skills needs for staff.

Nominations are based on those going above and beyond at an organisational or systemic level to implement their people strategies that will make a real difference to staff. Anyone can make a nomination, including members of the public.

  • Demonstrate a people & OD strategy/framework, and the implementation underpinned by policies and procedures 


  • Evidence the success of the strategy, for example, reduction in sickness and absence rates, improved staff satisfaction (evidenced by staff survey), reduction in staff turnover, internal recruitment etc. 

  • Describe how an identified challenge within the organisation in respect of people and organisational development was recognised, and describe how this was addressed

  • Evidence the impact of the programme by using data, to demonstrate the steps used to make a positive difference

  • Describe how the intervention(s) are/will be cost-effective and sustainable in the long term, and the metrics in place to measure this

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the NHS People Promise, of compassion and inclusivity, recognition and reward, making sure every voice counts, being safe and healthy, always learning, working flexibly, and always being a team.

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As part of the nomination, we ask for some simple information about you, such as your name, job title and contact details. This is so we can let you know if your nominee is successful in winning an award.

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We’re thrilled to be supported for the fourth year by Health Education England (HEE), as the headline sponsor for the national Our Health Heroes Awards. As the Sector Skills Council for Health, we work in close partnership in developing skills, competencies, apprenticeships, and enabling the development of the future workforce, with HEE.

Our ongoing partnership throughout all the workforce development programmes and frameworks we deliver, is further supported by our aligned values to recognise the entire workforce – all 350+ roles within the NHS.

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