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Medical Associate Professions (MAPs) Core Capabilities Framework

Introduction and background

In February 2021 HEE commissioned Skills for Health to lead the development of a Core Capabilities Framework (the framework) to underpin the new career framework for Medical Associate Professions (MAPs). The framework will identify and describe the professional skills, knowledge and behaviours required to deliver high quality, compassionate care and support. Whilst the work will initially focus on Anaesthesia (AA) and Physician Associates (PA) as they move towards statutory regulation by the General Medical Council (GMC), the work will also be mindful of the requirements of Surgical Care (SCP) and Advanced Critical Care Practitioners. The framework is being developed in partnership with the GMC to similar timescales to the work to introduce statutory regulation of PAs and AAs. The framework project has begun and is expected to complete by spring 2022.

Purpose and scope of the framework

This programme of work will be important for attracting new MAP entrants, which, in turn, is part of the workforce plan to address the continuing NHS shortfall in staff across health professions. The MAP career framework, underpinned by the capabilities framework, will be pivotal in showing the opportunities for progressing careers and realising ambitions. Alongside this, consideration will be given to ensure continuing opportunities for those colleagues entering the medical associate profession from other healthcare groups.

Development of the framework

The framework project will be led by a Steering Group co-chaired by a representative of the HEE MAP Oversight Board and a representative of the GMC. Membership of the Steering Group will include representatives of medical royal colleges and faculties, professional associations, the GMC, NHS Employers and the UK devolved administrations. To optimise and broaden opportunities for input from all stakeholders there will also be a Reference Group which will include a wider range of organisations and individuals wishing to be kept up-dated on the development of the framework and to provide comments and feedback as part of a consultation process.

Register to be involved.

To register your interest please complete the form below. Later in 2021, you will then be invited to take part in an online survey to provide feedback on the draft capabilities framework.

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