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Paramedic Specialist in Primary and Urgent Care (2019)

The Paramedic Specialist Core Capabilities Framework comprises the following capabilities, grouped into four domains:

Domain A. Person-Centred collaborative working

  • Capability 1. Communication
  • Capability 2. Person-Centred care
  • Capability 3. Working with families and carers
  • Capability 4. Referrals and integrated working
  • Capability 5. Law, ethics and safeguarding

Domain B. Investigation, assessment, advice and clinical impression or diagnosis

  • Capability 6. History-taking and consultation skills
  • Capability 7. Physical and mental health assessment
  • Capability 8. Investigations and diagnosis

Domain C. Condition management, treatment and prevention

  • Capability 9. Treatment and care planning
  • Capability 10. Pharmacotherapy
  • Capability 11. Health promotion and lifestyle interventions

Domain D. Leadership and management, education and research

  • Capability 12. Leadership and management
  • Capability 13. Education
  • Capability 14. Research

Download the framework from Health Education England (HEE) here