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As experts in strategic workforce change, we can help you identify and implement the most productive and efficient ways to deliver high quality patient experiences. We can help:

Plan your workforce based on research and labour market intelligence

Identify and assess new models for service delivery and different workforce options

Map competence requirements to provide career frameworks across the organisation

Create a robust strategy to upskill and raise standards of the support workforce

The right tools to deliver on your healthcare promises

Together with you, we’ll design and implement our sector-leading services to improve the patient experience across primary, secondary and tertiary care.

Bespoke research and analysis

Our academically trained research professionals are skilled in gathering vital insights that inform government policy, guide work programmes and make a difference on the ground to enhance the work you do.

Research & Evaluation

Organisational development

You have a responsibility to develop your organisation as well as your team. Our leadership, management and organisational development experts can help you to plan, develop and enable your capability and capacity to do just that.

Leadership, Management & Organisational Development

Workforce development

Our consultancy and research experts will help you identify, understand and achieve the change you need to deliver the highest quality care in the most efficient way.
Workforce Development

The “gold standard” in training delivery

The Skills for Health Quality Mark – the only standard for the UK’s health sector – defines and endorses superior delivery of learning and training that healthcare employers need for a highly motivated and effective workforce.
Skills for Health Quality Mark

Framework development

We develop competences, standards and skills frameworks to give organisations, their staff and the wider public greater confidence in the provision of healthcare. These help to streamline the movement of staff between organisations and eliminate the unnecessary duplication of staff training.
Standards & Framework Development

Apprenticeship support services

We are one of the UK’s leading authorities in apprenticeships with the expertise to assist organisations in the health sector deliver a seamless apprenticeship programme which integrates with long-term workforce and training goals.
Apprenticeship Support

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The workforce analysis and processes carried out using Skills for Health tools and products have been an invaluable starting point to redesigning services and influential in driving the change process. We intend to continue the work started by this project to reduce waiting times for our service users and will work towards implementing a competence-based approach to future workforce development and service delivery.

Anne-Marie Varney, Project Manager, Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s University Hospitals NHS Trust

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