Realtime Rostering

Maintain safe staff levels at all times with seamless eRostering

Our Realtime Rostering software helps NHS Trusts strike the right balance between patient care, cost effectiveness and staff utilisation.

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Flexible and integrated eRostering for NHS, health and care

Realtime Rostering allows you to ensure all staff are in the right place at the right time, at the touch of a button. Planning rosters ahead to support safe staffing levels, patient care and staff work-life balance. As the UK’s leading not-for-profit eRostering provider, our customers recognise the need to invest in a better, more cost-effective solution.

Produced for the sector, by the sector, our experts live and breathe NHS workforce management

Easy to use with additional support and enhanced training so you see all the benefits Realtime offers

Accurate, efficient software that means you can roster all staff groups, in multiple clinical settings

Works with DRS ensuring compliance with the 2016 Junior Doctors contract and EWTD

Seamlessly integrates with HR Systems, ESR and locum/bank software for improved efficiency

Saves the NHS valuable funds, our customers recognise that Realtime is priced fairly and sensitively

Fully compliant eRostering for the entire NHS workforce

Getting your staff roster right is more than important, it’s critical. Realtime provides the visibility to empower you to make informed data-driven decisions on staffing levels in all clinical and non-clinical healthcare settings.

Realtime Rostering integrates seamlessly with third party software including NHS HR System, ESR, payroll solutions and locum/bank systems, making unparalleled savings on valuable time and money.

Data-driven development means we’ve developed Realtime to make the best possible rosters for Doctors, Nurses, support staff, specialist clinical groups and many more.

Our partnership with award-winning bank staff app Patchwork, means we’re actively supporting NHS Trusts to reduce costs on agency fees, and ensure they have the right staff, in the right place, with the right skills, crucially at the right time.

Clinical schedules can be mapped in Realtime to cover specialist appointments and events providing a complete solution.

DRS at the heart of Realtime, seamlessly enhancing Doctors rota compliance

Our tailored Doctors Rostering System (DRS) works side-by-side with Realtime, to help produce compliant, safe and fair Doctors rotas, which can be seamlessly implemented in a live roster on Realtime. DRS is the UK’s recognised Doctors rota compliance tool, adapted to national legislation, contracts and the EWTD (European Working Time Directive).

  • Trusted for over 20 years to ensure NHS Trusts safely roster the largest workforce group

  • Integrates into live rosters in Realtime, providing a practical roadmap to implement rotas

  • Ensures safe working practices, and helps to improve work-life balance for Doctors

  • Working directly with NHS Employers and the BMA to ensure updates meet national legislative changes and contractual requirements

  • Can be implemented with or without Realtime, dependent on your needs

The right tools to enhance workforce management

Our NHS rostering team will work together with you, using the best built-in tools you need to keep the right people in the right place at the right time, with an effective eRostering solution.

Who uses our eRostering solutions?

We’ve helped hundreds of organisations use our eRostering system to its full potential – seamlessly integrating into their existing systems, while measuring effectiveness and ROI.

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Available virtually, we’ll show you all the key features that NHS organisations trust to accurately and safely manage staff rosters, designed specifically for the needs of the health sector.

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I’ve found Realtime to be really good value and it definitely has the potential to save us money in the long run. The Realtime system is also a big time-saver and so easy to navigate; the response across has the organisation has been really positive.

Iain Elrick, Project Manager for Workforce Planning and Redesign, NHS Grampian